Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Lame Award and Two Good Newses (Lol XD)

I had a soccer game today. More on that later.
Award Day!!

The I-Know-You-In-Real-Life Award! :D I know, pitifully unoriginal and disappointing. Sorry.

It goes to Cavender, Gracie, Gabrielle, Lizzy, Ellie B, Meggie, Mr. Chris, Tori, David Bailey, Anna Lee, Cassie Roads, Nicole, Lisabailey and Ember! It's great knowing you guys!
So, I had a soccer game today. We played the team with all the really good Mexican kids on it. (I'm not being racist, I'm just saying they're all REALLY GOOD where I live.) It was coached by a college guy named Luis, who's pretty much a soccer legend in my town. I didn't think we would win.

Which is why it surprised me when we did.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I actually did okay this game, too!! Ben (The Dare Devil) even told me I did well, and he never says that unless it's true. Especially at soccer. He doesn't talk to me that much at soccer. So yay!! :)

Lizzy's party was today, but because of the soccer game, I missed pretty much all of it :( Ah well. It's times when she gets all her friends together that I actually like being the oldest. I get a lot of reverent looks from the younger ones when I tell them I'm a sophmore XD

No play practice today, but I have it tomorrow.

OH!! I didn't tell you about Thursday night. Okay, so, Thursday night at play practice, we started at the beginning of the show, and just did it up until a certain point with singing, dancing, lines and everything. My part came. Man, my heart was pounding, but I sang it out. (I actually sing better when I sing loud.) I sounded fine! I was so relieved. The second time through wasn't as good. I got a little nervous for no reason, and I didn't sing very loud, so I couldn't hit some notes :-/

We took a five minute break, and Matt (who's playing Shang, the main guy character) came up to me and told me, "Girl, you can sing! You sound good! You just gotta sing loud."

That made me feel SO GOOD. I was definitely beaming for a while. I was so afraid that I just sounded really bad, but apparently I sound fine. What a relief! And it was nice of Matt to encourage the New Girl.

Sorry. That was random and you probably don't care XD

That's all! Thanks for reading! Bye!


Lady Brainsample said...

Cool about the singing! What songs are you singing in this show? And what part do you play?

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks! I am a hairdresser that helps Mulan get ready to meet the matchmaker XD I sing a song with two other people, and we each sing a part by ourselves. I'm also a Hun, which is interesting, lol!

The songs that I sing are "Honor To Us All Part 3" (the part where Mulan is getting dressed to meet the matchmaker), and a lot of the songs that everyone sings, because I'm also in the ensamble.

Danzibar said...

awesome! I love people who can sing...that's why my favorite movies include a big list of classical musicals like Sound of would make my day if someone randomly burst into song and began dancing with'm crazy...but I do love it!

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

yeah, I haven't played soccer for like 3 years now... I used to play almost everyday at school, but I don't feel like it anymore ^^

congratulations on both soccer and singing! =D

GracieTheFirst said...

Yay ya' know me! LOL