Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awards! And a Crappy Day :(

AWARD DAY! I'm going to give out two awards a week, I think. I want to get to everyone eventually, so this will make it happen quicker, lol!

Well, it's a full moon, and I LOVE the moon, and Moon Shaw has been very comment-y lately, so...

The Moon Award goes to Moon Shaw! :P

And to Crescentise, the Awesome Name Award!Sorry Crescentise's is bigger. There is no reason for that other than the size of the pictures, lol!----------------------------

Hi! Short post today.

My day was crap. How was yours?

Why My Day Was Crap:

1. I felt uneasy for NO REASON.
2. My mother presented me with a giant list of chores.
3. My father got mad at me at the dinner table (with good reason, but the way my day was going, everything was just a million times worse).
4. I offended my mother and now she isn't talking to me.
5. I didn't feel good this afternoon.

And the day started out with such promise! I woke up, it was sunny, I felt great! I even **DID A MATH LESSON EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE WEEKEND AND I WASN'T BEHIND**. Yeah, that's how good it was!

And then it just had to go and roll down hill from there :-/ *sigh*

Well, guess they can't all be winners.


Cavender James said...

It's okay. Tomorrow will be better.

How's that for cliche?

But it will.

Jillian said...

I'm sorry. I was in a bad mood today too.

Crescentise said...

I'm sorry, I hope that it will be better soon.

Um... thank you for the award. I appreciate it, I just really wasn't expecting recognition in any way. Thanks again.


Limer said...

yeah your day will be better tomarrow.
sorry I havn't been comenting


Bethany said...

:( *hugs*
I had a really bad day on [um] last Monday, too. Hormones [ugh].
I've always found that my bad moods/circumstances don't last more than a day so hopefully that will be the case for you...

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Haha, cliche, maybe, but still true. Thanks!

Jillian: Aw, thanks. I hope today has been better for you as well!!

Crescentise: Thanks!

Lol, well, ta-da!

Limer: It was, thanks. It's okay, I totally know how that goes.

Bethany: *accepts hug* Thanks! Ugh, yes, hormones. Today is looking much better so far!

Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much!! My name comes from Moonlight Shadow, so you hit the spot!! thank you thank you thank you! <3

Kendra Logan said...

Awesome! Well, I love it :)