Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forget the Four Ls, Breathing is Enough to Do

School: Educational. I guess.
Writing: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh, wait. Were you serious?
Play ("Mulan"): Completely amazing, and I got a "Go get 'em" from someone, but it's totally dominating my entire life right now. One of my friends there told me a secret. Everywhere I go, like two weeks later, someone confides in me about something. My whole aura must scream TRUTHWORTHY AND WILL GIVE ADVICE!!!!!!
Family: I'm getting along with them...something weird is going on...*gasp* Am I GROWING UP?? :O

Physical: So physically exhausted that I'm getting sick -.- *grumbles irritably*
Emotional: ...that is not for public blog-ness.
Mental: Crazy as usual, but in the controlled, tired as crap way.
Spiritual: Working on my God relationship. Goin' pretty well!! Life is good!

Story of my life right now: By Your Side


Jillian said...

I tagged you with a non-committal tag. Which means you can do it, but if you don't want to, you don't have to.
I hope you can though! :)

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

it's great about the play =D

Cassie said...

This was a great way to post about what's going on! I bet it's fun being in Mulan, but I can see how it can be time consuming!!!

Anyway, your post made me smile!

Love and Blessings,