Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missed: One Brain Half

God Day:

Er...Not now, y'all.
Sorry. It has so been one of THOSE days. As much as I really have tried to put on a happy face, today did not go well for me at all, as much as I think I hid it.

I got up, thinking that the day was going to go differently, and when it didn't go how I thought, I was pretty disappointed.
I was hungry all during church.
I woke up just kind of stressed out because tomorrow is Monday, which is gonna be bleep.
The sermon just did not hit me at all today.
I didn't feel good this afternoon.
I had to go to youth group, which I feel is at the moment led by slightly hypocritical people. (They DEMAND us to be consistent and faithful with coming to youth, and yet they cancel on a dime because they "want to spend time with their kids" or something.)
I got so hot playing outside at youth, then I came inside, and it was the same temperature.
I was just feeling so stressed and not looking forward to tomorrow at all when the work load will hit me like a ton of freakin' bricks.
I really miss the other half of my brain that decided to be lame and quit doing Classical.
I really miss the other half of my brain. Really a lot. It is so not the same without it. So not.
The end.

Sorry for being depressing.


P.S. Oh, and my nose hurts from getting hit in the face at the soccer game yesterday. All this stupid little crappiness just makes me wanna cry, you know? It's nothing big, just a lot of little things.



justagirl4god said...

Oh Kendra, I'm sorry it feels that way right now... Remember that God is in control and He will help you to sort everything out... just lean on Him!
Praying for you!

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you *so* much, Rachael! I know your prayers helped--I'm feeling better already now. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!!


Cassie said...

yesterday i felt *EXACTLY* the same, you pretty much just described how i felt and it sucks :( i felt a little better today :) and luckily you are to :) (as indicated by your previous comment) hopefully tomorrow goes well for both of us :) <3 CR

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, sorry about yesterday! But yay to us both feeling better!! Hopefully tomorrow will treat us well :) I'm still not sure about when to meet. I need to kind of get a handle on my stuff before I'll know. Does that make sense? I promise we will meet, though.

Cassie said...

yep that makes sense :) i have a TON of stuff to do tomorrow :/ latin: hates me, math: doesn't like me, i didn't realize til yesterday we had to read the pilgrim's progress, i don't think i did very well on the logic quiz, and my art h paper is not going well, all of that = stress and very little sleep but my dad is getting home tomorrow and promised me he would help with my paper, your mom said she would help me with latin after class on tues, and hopefully i can finish reading PP.

Cassie said...

you know what i just realized? i talk about myself way to much lol i'll stop i promise :)

Danzibar said...

what are you talking about? How are you missing half of your brain?

I know that wasn't the point of the blog but that comment intrigued me...

Kendra Logan said...

Cassie: Haha, it's fine. I don't mind.

Danzibar: Well, there is someone that I've gone to school with since elementary school, and we think exactly alike. We finish each others' sentences, make the same mistakes in math, etc.. This year, the person quit coming to my "school". It's hard not having someone there to finish your sentences when you can't remember what you were going to say, or find the right word to use, or exchange glances with across the room and know you're thinking the same thing. It's like missing half my brain :-/

GracieTheFirst said...

I'm so sorry. It felt to me like you were upset, so if it makes you feel any better I was praying.
Obviously I wasn't sure what was the matter, but yeah.

And about the youthgroup leaders, I just try to remember that they are human. And y'know- I'm going to miss a few youth groups. I can't be there each time cause I have stuff to do. Y'know? You shouldn't feel pressured to go to youthgroup dear.