Thursday, September 10, 2009

WARNING: Political Post (Please Don't Hate My Dark Side >:D)

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Character Day! I'm doing one of my own today.

As I was reading through some older (from summer '08) story bits of mine, I came across something that astounded me. (Just in case I ever finish this, no taking the horrible idea XD) I had started a story titled "The New America". One of the most important characters is one that you never meet or see, but just gets talked about. I called him Alexander Williams.

Let me quote from my story idea folder:

"Alexander began to see that things were going badly in America. People were losing jobs, inflation was up, global warming was taking over (bite me), people were looking for somewhere to turn. Alexander stood up and said, "Hey, follow me. Listen to me. I can help you. I can make everything all better. I'll give you jobs, homes, stability, someone to count on and look up to."

"With the help of a couple of friends, Alexander led the American people slowly to change their thinking. Alexander rose to power, eventually becoming the leader of America. Most people loved him, and anyone who didn't was labled "old-fashioned" or "against change". Alexander promised change, good change, and people believed him.

"After a little while in power, he began to lead the American people to change their faulty ways. He made new laws that, although they were completely against the Constitution, gave Americans less responsibility, and allowed them to lean more on the government, giving them peace and stability. Alexander made laws and regulations that covered so many aspects of life, that things were just plain easy for the people! No one had to take responsibility for anything anymore! It was a dream life.

"Even when Alexander's laws began to restrict things like what you could say, whom you could talk to, and how you could treat sick people, everyone loved him because he would make life better for them.

"Eventually, Alexander had laws governing almost every aspect of life. He had been ruling longer than most other leaders, but no one seemed to mind. Children were taught that Alexander had saved America, and everyone must love him. Alexander had complete power over the people, and no one seemed to care."

There's Alexander for you, just as his character sketch from my notes from summer/fall 2008 depict. Funny isn't it? How personal freedoms and the republic died at the hands of the most popular man in America? Isn't that funny?

Yea, I'm not laughing either.
I know this is not my political blog, and I normally don't like posting this kind of stuff here, but it's been preying on my mind all day, I wanted to say that.

I don't understand. I really don't. I don't understand how someone could swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and then say in an autobiography that he thinks the founding fathers have no place in today's society, and the Constitution is a joke. Why would you swear an oath like that if you believed so the opposite? And why haven't people seen that?

How can you try to pass a health reform bill that restricts freedoms and is completely unconstitutional?

How can you promise to give better health coverage, to more people, and swear that it will cost LESS?

How can you peddle all these paternalistic ways of thinking and call this America? A Constitutional Republic? America is not about the leaders patting people on the back and saying, "There, there, I'll take care of you. You don't worry about a thing, I've got it covered." Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

America is about teaching a man to fish, not giving him the fish on a silver platter and then telling him how to eat it.

Big government is what we ran from in England. Small government, power to the people, "give me liberty or give me death", stop taxation without reprsentation. Has America really forgotten all of this? Has America forgotten that people, good people, fought bravely and DIED so that we would never have to live with the kind of government our president is promoting? Have we forgotten, America?

The American people are one of three things at this point:

1. Against the direction our government is heading
2. Ignorant of the direction our government is heading
3. In support of the direction our government is heading

You can't really believe that this is heading a good direction. If you think it is, or you think it's at least not heading in a BAD direction, then you are fooling yourself. I'm sorry, but these kind of laws and ways of thinking lead to only one thing (socialism), and that is NOT what America is all about.

Do you support where this is going? If so, fine. Support it. If you are ignorant of it, please, open your eyes.

I am a strong believer in people chosing their own beliefs, thoughts, principles, ideas. Don't let yourself be indoctinated. Think. Look at history. This story we're living has been told hundreds of times in many different eras and civilizations. Time and time again governments do this. This leads to one thing, and one thing only: socialism, loss of freedoms, and destruction.

I understand that this was a very passionate and political post. I'm still debating on whether or not I will hit "publish" or transfer this post to Carpe Noctem.

Hmm. I have nothing left to say except, "Think." Think, America. What do you want?


justagirl4god said...

Hey Kendra,
I'm not really sure what to comment, cause I'm not American and don't know all that much about your political situation (though I probably should). But I wanted to say, from what I know, your post is true. And it was a great challenge, not only to your country, but to me. I need to decide and live my life fully for what I believe, not what my second-cousin's great-aunt twice removed says.
God bless you!

Kendra Logan said...

Thanks for commenting! I know what you mean. Up until a few months ago, I just believed whatever my parents did, without questioning it. Now I'm interested in believing for a better reason.

Cavender James said...

Kendra, you're my favorite.

That's all I can say.


Lizzy said...

Thanks :D Are you ungrounded yet?

Lizzy said...

Oh, that's me...on Lizzy's account, lol!

Cavender James said...

No, I am not. *sigh*

Kendra Logan said...


Chelsey said...

Girl, I love the way you think!!
Thanks for posting this entry! You're super smart and have a good head on your shoulders!

Thanks for following "An American Bambina"!! I am attempting to update as much as I can, and once I get to the school I will post some pictures for everyone!
I'm not sure that I had the pleasure of meeting you whilst still in the states, but I hope you will enjoy reading my blog! I will definitely be following yours! I can't believe you are so young and think that way! You go girl!

Kendra Logan said...

Wow, thanks so much, Chelsey!!

I'm really looking forward to reading your posts. What an amazing opportunity you have! I hope you have a blast.

I don't think we've met either, but I think our moms know each other.

Thank you for following, and for the tremendous compliment!