Friday, September 18, 2009

What Kind of Guy?

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Question Day!

Okay, so, I thought about this one like all night last night, trying to think of a good answer. Justagirl4god asks:

"What type of guy do you find attractive?"

Prepare yourself for one of my infamous LOOOOONG-Probably-Could-Have-Been-Short answers XD

First, let me decide how I want to come at this. What TYPE of guy do I find attractive? That would imply a specific sort of stereotype that I naturally gravitate to. I'll answer the question that way first.

What TYPE of guy do I find attractive? I'm honestly not original or complex at first. If we're going on a shallow, superficial level, I will go ahead and admit that Jocks/Preps are the ones that catch my eye. There. I said it. I am guilty of following society's lead, too.

I have had crushes on people of ALLLLLL types though. Not kidding. Jock, prep, nerd, loner, tall, short, white, black, older than me, younger than me. Once I get to know people, my preferences are all over the place. But, if we're going at first glance or first impression, I guess Jock/Prep is unfortunately it.

Now, to answer the question differently. What type of guy PERSONALITY do I find attractive?

Now we get real. Top five personality qualities I find "attractive" (more or less in order):
1. Christian
2. Intelligent
3. Funny
4. Adventurous
5. Protective (I've been over this before. Not Edward Cullen, but looks out for me.)

One more way: What type of guy LOOKS do I find attractive?

I'd really rather not go into this, but, to answer the question all the way, it must be done ;)

Again, I am pretty diverse in my preferences. I will find the generic hottie attractive, but I think people are good-looking that my friends are all like, "KENDRA. Seriously??"

I've never really gone for the blonde surfer dude. I think they're cute and all, but sort of stereotypical. (Gosh, if anyone reading this is a blonde surfer dude, PLEASE don't be offended!!) BROWN-HAIRED surfer dudes on the other hand...XD Haha, just kidding. Er, okay, not really.

Black hair is cool. So extreme. But I'm really not...I don't know, picky. I'm not. ESPECIALLY about hair.

Eyes are VERY important to me. It doesn't matter what color they are, I just like eyes. I like different eyes for different reasons, and some I think are cooler than others. It usually has nothing to do with the color, though.

Height. Hmm. Well, considering I'm 5'8", tall guys have always been more on my radar, lol!

Celebrity crushes I've had based on appearance (in order of occurance):
Orlando Bloom ( can you NOT think he's cute??)
Rollo Weeks (something about him...)
William Mosley (I love Peter.)
Hayden Christensen (Anakin <3)
Jesse McCartney (eyes of WOW)
Zac Efron (everything of WOW)
Joe Jonas (reminds me of Him.)
Kellan Lutz (I love Emmett.)

Currently, I think all of them except Joe Jonas are very cute. Joe I think is just average now. Eh.

*blink* Wow. The appearance section was the longest. Am I that shallow??

Long answer short: I am so hopelessly diverse in looks and type preference that it HONESTLY comes down to the personality. I am not trying to seem virtuous, it's just really the way it is for me.

Thanks for asking, justagirl4god!!
Today, Lizzy is thirteen (13!!) years old.

Dang. Wow. Awesome. Wow.

School is...absolutely great/fine, which probably means I forgot something HUGE.

Oh. Yeah.

Read "Pilgram's Progress" and write my own allegory. That might qualify as HUGE. *GROAN*

I will finish it tomorrow.

Speaking of procrastination, here are some awesome quotes for that:

"Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow"
"OCD Procrastinators: Do it right, but do it tomorrow."
"If you wait until the last minute, then it only takes a minute."

I love those.

Okay. Sorry. Back to real stuff.

Uhm...the usual:

1. Writing:
- Mirror = nothing
- Desirae Mayes = nothing
- Gembira/Chinese story = something
- The W Chronicles = thoughts, no writing

2. Announcments:
- Vote on the poll
- Ask me questions for next week
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Thanks! Bye!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm kinda like you when it comes to the personality/looks thing... although I'd say I'm pretty shallow =X
appearance, I won't lie, is importante to me, but I don't really have a favourite type. I just find the overall attractive or not
here I am rambling about something not interesting at all (sorry ^_^)

I'm an amazing procrastinator, but that's mainly because I'm just generally pretty lazy =_=

Life Savior said...

your description of an attractive guy is very... interesting.


Rochelle Blue said...

Us procrastinators rule the world lol!

My qualities that I find attractive in a guy are similar to yours; intelligent, funny, adventurous, protective. But I think I'm leaning towards more Jewish than Christian haha =P and black hair is very cool! I'm afraid I'm also have a weakness for good looks, but eyes and manners is what appeals to me the most.
sorry about this long, meaningless comment lol, just couldn't help myself =)


JT Norlander said...

Thanks Kendra!
I must say, for my first post really reading on your blog, this was slightly awkward, seeing as I'm brown-haired, brown-eyed, and a preppy kind of guy . . . .

I'm not even going there now. :)

thanks again, I do like the blog!


GracieTheFirst said...

Thats cool!
For me, not trying to sound all holy and deep or something- but looks honestly dont matter to me. I mean dont get me wrong, I don't mind a hottie.
But like, otherwise it doesnt matter. But you didn't ask for my opinion. ;D

Yay for procrastinators! *highfive*

Tell Lizzy I said Happy birthday! :)

GracieTheFirst said...

And for the record if I'm going to go for hot the cute blonde hair blue eyes surfer is just my type. lol.

Kendra Logan said...

Krevan: Pretty much same for me. I don't have a specific "type" that I like especially.

I've said it a million times: I LOVE LONG COMMENTS!! ;)

Me too. Lazyyyyy XD

Life Savior: I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Rochelle Blue: Procrastinators! WOOT!

Long comments are never meaningless in my opinion. I love them ;)

JT: Oh, lols, I guess that would be awkward :P I promise not all my posts are like this! I very rarely go into the romantics.

Gracie: Haha, it's okay, I know you aren't putting on airs. That's a really good way to be!

I'll tell her!

Thanks, y'all! Comments are AWESOME!!

LazyKing said...

lol, good luck Kendra. Beware of a guy who is too adventureous...
I aggree Joe Jonas is not cute, I'm cuter. LMAO

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you :D True, there is such a thing as TOO adventurous.

Lols XD